Monday, August 4, 2014

Leon Polk Smith

Leon Polk Smith was born in Oklahoma before it became a state. 
His parents were early settlers in "Indian Territory".

Somewhere along the way he picked up a paint brush,
and discovered Mondrian. 

For more information, interviews and fabulous images of his work
CLICK HERE for the Leon Polk Smith Foundation.

INTERVIEW by Addison Parks, 1982
found on Artdeal Magazine.

Correspondence Green - Orange
Oil on canvas, 1963
50" x 40.5"

Much of his work looks startlingly similar to Ellsworth Kelly's. 
Seems strange to me that he isn't more famous.

Grey Columns
Oil on canvas, 1947
72" x 48"

Oil on canvas, 1959
68.5" x 74"

Yonder Orange
Oil on canvas, 1990
78" x 120"

Paint on canvasette, 1956
20" x 16"

Yellow Green
Acrylic on canvas, 1980
64.5" x 90"

Papare collage on paper, 1980
20" x 18"

Yonder Purple
Acrylic on canvas, 1990
90" x 60"

LINK to, The Dynamics of Diagonal and Space, by Addison Parks,
August 1, 1994 in the Christian Science Monitor
and Artdeal Magazine.